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Whatsapp Group Rules

DO make it your last resort.

Don’t be lazy by always consulting the Whatsapp group. Rather try and find what you are looking for in other places, such as looking on our website ( or facebook page before you bother others in the group.


DON’T Advertise

Prokart allows sponsors to advertise their products and services on the Official Prokart Website and Facebook Page. Please do not use the whatsapp group to advertise or solicit business, it’s not the point of the group and unfair to all others who want to do the same. The group will end up being full of spam and adverts and not useful to anybody.


DON’T write essays – ain’t nobody got time for that.

A Whatsapp group is not the place to express yourself in lengthy essays. Rather remember to stick to the point you are trying to make when responding to a message or asking a question. If the message bubble fills your screen, it is too long.


DO transfer the conversation to personal messages instead.

Use a Whatsapp group as a starting platform to enquire about something. Once you know who to contact further or who can help you, transfer the conversation to personal messages. The entire group does not need to be bothered by your private string of messages.


DON’T do memes.

Please do not spam the group with memes.


DON’T spam. Ever.

Confirm the legitimacy of a message before you send it to all your groups. Try to avoid being that person on the group who informs everyone about the alleged end of the world the next day. Please keep the conversation related to Prokarts only.


DO stick to your real name.

It can be so frustrating when you want to respond to someone on a Whatsapp group, but you don’t know how to address them. Insert your actual name in your settings rather than your nickname or a string of emojis.


DO speak up, but do it politely.

If you notice a thread occurring on a Whatsapp group with either banter or a lot of messages between only a few people, don’t hesitate to address it or put it to a stop. Chances are that if it annoys you, it will probably annoy other people as well. This is a better alternative than just leaving the group. Just try to do it politely or respectfully.


DO learn from Margaret.

Don’t pull a Margaret and send inappropriate messages or pictures to the wrong group, especially the prokart group… Double, triple, and quadruple check who the recipient of your message (or picture) is before pressing the send button to avoid awkward situations.


DO stay on topic.

The Whatsapp group is created specifically to keep the Prokart family in touch about Prokart related topics. Stick to this rather than going off topic or using the group for other (often irrelevant) intentions.


DO understand that not everything needs a response.

You should also remember to not feel the need to respond to everyone’s questions and queries on a group. You don’t have to be the 20thperson giving the same answer as the other peoples. Another thing to avoid is forming a chain of gratitude for the one person sending through a previous answer. One thanks from one person would be enough.


DON’T send messages after 8pm

Let’s try and keep the messages to a suitable time of day for everyone. A suggestion would be to message during business hours and at the latest up to 8pm.

Whatsapp groups are an essential part of today’s life and for communicating quickly and efficiently with each other, let’s keep it simple and to the point. Not abiding by the rules will result in you being removed from the group.