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Final Round 9 of 2021

Final Round 9 of 2021

Dear Prokarter,

Entries for Round 9 (28 November), the final round of the 2021 championship, to be hosted at Vereeniging Kart Circuit, are now open.

The 2021 Annual SSS Prizegiving will also be held at Vereeniging Kart Circuit on Sunday 28th November 2021, directly after the day’s prizegiving. We felt that more competitors would attend if there was not a separate  event for the Annual Prizegiving. This year we have decided to make the Prizegiving affordable for all and we are therefore doing a Bring and Braai, bring your own meat or order a braaipack from us at R90.00 for a 3 meat pack.  We will supply the salad and potato bake and fires will be lit directly after the racing.

Click here to view the programme and regs for the day and to enter.

Thank you

Patsy Roos

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