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Prokart SSS Announces MG as official Tyres for Minions and Midgets Classes

Prokart SSS Announces MG as official Tyres for Minions and Midgets Classes

Dear Prokarter,


In 2019, the MG Tyre was introduced to South African karting for the first time via Prokart SSS. It is our official racing tyre for Endurance and Sprint 390 classes. MG is a Brazilian company founded in 1989 that soon became one of the main karting tyre manufacturers in the world. MG develops its products with the needs of all drivers in mind, from beginners to the most experienced, always focusing on quality and high performance. Today, MG tyres can be found globally, in more than 50 countries, with its products being used in some of the most well-known championships of the world.

The performance and price of the MG tyre has proven itself in the 2019 season and we are pleased to announce that Prokart SSS will be a 100% MG Tyre based series with the introduction of the SC compound for both Minions and Midgets classes. The SC tyre will thus replace the Mojo tyres that were run in 2019. This is a CIA/FIK Homologated tyre and you can read up more about this tyre specification here. The price for a set of MG SC Compound tyres will in the region of R2185 Including VAT, which also means a saving for parents in the Minions and Midgets classes of up to R540 per set of tyres.

You can purchase your practise and race tyres at 4Stroke Workshop, or visit

The official rule change will be ratified on release of the 2020 technical rules and regulations.

Prokart SSS Committee

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