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Round 10 Entries Open

Round 10 Entries Open

Dear Prokarter,

Prokart SSS Round 10


A reminder of the changes implemented for this round:

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  1. The regulations published will stipulate that a new set of tyres will be allowed for all classes for this race. The committee has decided that due to the nature of this being a brand new surfaced track, it is safer to allow all classes to race on new tyres if they so wish as tyre wear is relatively unknown. This will also allow karts to practice prior to the event in case you were trying to save on tyres. Take note that this is optional for all classes.
  2. Entry fee is slightly higher than normal to accomodate for additional costs to host the event due to some facilities that need to be arranged. Prior to Round 9 entry, we announced that there would be a small surprise in store for Round 10 for  those who entered Round 9’s event and that is a discounted entry fee for all teams who entered and participated in Round 9.
    • Discounted Entry Fee:
      • Endurance – R1200
      • Sprint 390 – R700
      • Sprint 200, Midgets and Minions – R250
    • Normal Entry Fee:
      • Endurance – R1500
      • Sprint 390 – R900
      • Sprint 200, Midgets and Minions – R450

General Notes for Round 10

  1. The Formula K Circuit will be open for practice on Friday 15 November for a practice fee of R400 per kart, to be paid to the circuit on the day. This will give you an opportunity to prepare for race day on 16 November.
  2. We encourage everyone to bring gazebos, chairs, umbrellas, generators and any other items to make your day comfortable. This is a brand new circuit and facilities/buildings have not been installed yet. You do not want to get caught out in the sun (or rain) the whole day. Please bring extra gazebos and umbrellas if you can to help those who do not have.
  3. Hoffman Power Products has generously sponsored some generators for use on the day. There will be one generator made available for the pit area for general use. You are still welcome to bring your own if you have one.
  4. Security will be in place on the day at the circuit. A dedicated parking area for all cars and trailers and a dedicated pit area will be demarcated. Portable toilets will be made available. There will be food and drinks vendors onsite as well.
  5. Prize giving will be held at the track after all racing has ended and results calculated.
  6. There is a fuel station not far up the road from the circuit.
  7. The following layout will be used for race day:

Prokart SSS Formula K Track Layout


Prokart SSS Tryouts

The finalists for the SSS Tryouts made their way to the Vereeniging Kart Circuit on 26 October to put their skills to the test. We are please to announce that 6 finalists made it to the end and they will be entering Round 10 of the Prokart Championship as a 6 driver endurance team. A warm welcome to each driver and we’re sure that the Prokart Family will give you a warm welcome on raceday.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-27 at 10.56.22(1)

From Left: Jason Mynhardt, Shannon Alexander, Niclon Coertzen, Tendai Vazhure, Dominic Jordaan, Kevin Patten


See you all on raceday!


Prokart SSS Committee

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