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Prokart SSS flag flying high at the British 24 Hour

Prokart SSS flag flying high at the British 24 Hour

Dear Prokarter,


At the inaugural Prokart Africa 24 Hour race in December 2018, the winning team was awarded a free entry to the British 24 Hour race to be held in Middlesbrough on 3-4 August 2019. The winning team was Mac Minarelli S.A. Kart #23 and the team made their way to the UK for this amazing adventure. The prize included entry into the race, kart, fuel, tyres, mechanics and accomodation for 4 drivers.


To manage a 24 Hour race with only 4 drivers is a feat on its own, but with this same team currently leading the Prokart Endurance championship as well as leading the Index of Performance championship, they are definitely on form at the moment to make it work. Having won the 24 Hour in December, this team knows very well what it takes to make it to the end, manage driver fatigue, manage pace consistently and still stay on top. Consistency across drivers is going to prove crucial, and maybe the fact that these 4 drivers have average laptimes that are so close to each other (hence leading the Index of Performance championship) will prove that they have the right factors on their side.


The team made their way over there on Thursday and will be spending some time with Bob Pope from Teesside Karting, who has graciously offered to host the team and show them the ropes. Bob and the Teesside crew have recently come back from the Le Mans Karting 24 Hour that took place only a few weeks ago and the Prokart SSS family is very appreciative of his support.


Follow the Mac Minarelli team and send your shout out and support on our Facebook page. You will find links to the live streaming and laptimes. Lap times around the international circuit are in the low 1:20’s. Driver stints last up to an hour and half – this is what endurance racing is about – and it’s considered the hardest race of the year!


Prokart wishes this brave team of 4 the best of luck and to go show them how it’s done!

  • Wesley Neilson
  • Brett Johnson
  • Davide Favo
  • Jeffrey Kruger

Saturday has a high of 21 degrees with a chance of rain on Sunday, so it may be a very interesting race.


Good luck Mac Minarelli S.A.

Prokart SSS Committee and Members



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