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iDube Thrills Again!

iDube Thrills Again!

The N3 highway was once again host to the convoy of 4stroke Prokarters making their way down to arguably South Africa’s most thrilling kart circuit.

Some were fortunate enough to arrive early Friday morning to get some laps in and get acquainted with not only the likes of “Thunder dome”,” Hockey stick” and “Kangaroo” (to name a few) but also to see what grip levels the MG tyres were going to deliver.

Some of the teams even had an opportunity to get up close and personal with the tyre barriers (Crash Test Dummies and Burnt Rubber), but lucky nothing too serious, just following the yearly traditions of those that pushed the limits the year before.

Saturday morning saw the arrival of the balance of teams as well as the first timers who got to experience and take in just how aggressive the elevations are.

It was a beautiful day peaking at around 30 degrees. The race day program hosted 5 classes namely, Minions, Midgets, Sprint 200, Sprint 390, and Endurance 390. As the teams were arriving it was awesome to see everyone greeting each other and sharing some tips, and sizing up their competitors for the day.

There were only 2 minions racing #44 D’Neill Gouws and #71 Reagile Mailula, but I guess that’s exactly how racing started…….the day there were two LOL!. These two gave it all they had and was great to see them in action, Well Done to D’Neill for taking top honours!

There just has to be that BIG ONE every year, and that one goes to Luka Gouws who had a big crash on his way down to hockey stick. Any crash you can walk away from is a good crash, and it will be a story to tell for years to come. Welcome to the hit list Luka. As for the rest of the midgets, these are a bunch of little warriors who are not scared to rub tyres with each other. Your winners for the day in this class were #27 Tyler Robinson, #22 Calvin Laubscher and #117 Simone Jacobs. Well done!

And then there were three………The three Amigos #101 Wynand Liebenberg, #202 Christian Liebenberg and #55 Tyron Roberts. The two brothers were really sizing each other up all day, leaving nothing in it and showing their skills of being able to head up first and second, but at the same time defend from Tyron’s front bumper putting on the pressure in third. Final positions stayed as above for the day. Well done to you guys! This is a new, very affordable class for ages 12 to 15 that we are growing, so if anyone wants to take the fight to these 3 Gladiators, please get in touch with the club.

Some of the 390 sprint guys were full smiles as they were loving life after doing a session on their MG HZI soft compounds. There was super close racing at the front pack of the Sprint guys with #84 Kaysus and #71 Sidewinder going wheel to wheel and juggling positions for the entire stint. They were closely followed by #17 Rad Racing and #8 F&D Racing. These guys all served the spectators well at the front of the pack on their softs, but there was a whole other race happening further back with the teams that were still on MG VK harder tyres, electing to save their softs for another battle ground! Shout out to #70 Team Pikachu, who were cheering their team on with their Pikachu mascot. Others use a pitboard, but this stuffed toy did the job even better! Sidewinder, Kaysus and Rad Racing were all greeted with silverware after the race with their respective first second and third.

Helmets went on for the endurance guys and after qualifying, tanks were filled to the brim, and final strategies were checked and double checked. Hats off to C.R.A.K racing and Crash Test Dummies who did the whole race with 2 drivers. Yes they were handed a penalty for this before the race even started, but they made it VERY clear that they were here for the JOL! Burnt Rubber also needs a mention for doing the Sprint AND Endurance, so lots of seat time for them. Worst luck of the day would have to go to #23 Mac Minarelli S.A as their chain came off about 3 times due to loose engine mountings and then a penalty for speeding in the pits. None the less it was taken in good spirits and fought back hard to finish 6th. First Timers #24 Racing Boets also had some hard luck with their motor seizing, but in true SSS spirit 2P Racing loaned them their spare so they could finish the day. #46 SPH—-GET IN THERE!!!!! A well-deserved win to these guys who did an epic job and got to the chequered flag a mere 34.901 seconds ahead of 2nd Place—2P Racing. Yes 34.901 seconds…..That’s how close it is in this series and it would have been closer had 2P Racing not run out of brakes, which iDube is known for. Hubbit occupied the last step of the podium, bringing it home in 3rd.

The kid’s classes being minions and midgets and Sprint 200s deserve to be commended. It’s a long trip and a big expense, Moms and Dads Thank You for the dedication and sacrifice. This event is not possible without you guys!

To All the Sprint and Endurance teams, thank you to you guys as well. Thanks for the support and looking forward to having an even bigger field next year!

To the Organisers, especially Patsy, thanks for the planning that goes into this event and making it possible.

To Idube, the clean pits and toilets, the café that was stocked and for the EPIC track you lease to us, Thank You!

See you all on the 22nd June for our next “Away” race being Zwartops. Entries will open soon.


Prokart Committee


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