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Round 3 Entries Open – Flip Flop Race

Round 3 Entries Open – Flip Flop Race

Hi Prokarter,

Entries for Round 3 are now open and will close on 11th April. Please get your entries in by clicking here and completing the online entry form, it only takes a minute. You can download the programme here if you want a sneak peak. You will get a copy upon entry as well.

This has been dubbed the “Flip Flop” race since 2017. It will be the 3rd time we host such an event and it means that we will get an opportunity to race the track forward and reverse on the same day. In fact, a raceday called “Flip Flop” could mean a number of things, including a “Flip Flop” on what was done previously. If you want to find out what the “Flip Flop” race has in store for you, enter now and come see. We promise that it will be fun, different and exciting for everyone…the kids do not want to miss out on this one.

NOTE: ALL drivers from all classes and 1 driver per Endurance team MUST bring with their Flip Flops/Slops/Plakkies/Sandles or whatever you like to call them. You WILL need it for qualifying, or you start at the back of the grid 🙂


iDube Raceway 18 May

Round 4 will be hosted at iDube raceway down in KZN on 18 May 2019. You will notice it’s moved up in the calendar, which is a nice change that allows us some additional daylight compared to mid winter when we’re normally there. Now is the time to start planning your trip and booking accomodation. Remember that many karters will be arriving on Friday 17th May to get some practise time in, which is highly recommended. Saturday is raceday and then we have a mass prize giving and dinner afterwards. It’s always great fun with the Prokart family and if it’s your first time, you cannot miss out!

Please click here to complete a 30 second survey and let us know if you’re entering or not. The committee would really appreciate it as it helps alot with planning such a big event.

See you on race day!

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