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Announcements – Rule Change and 24 Hour Invite

Announcements – Rule Change and 24 Hour Invite

Dear Prokarter,



We trust that you are all getting ready for iDube and if you haven’t entered yet, you can still do so by clicking here, late entry fees will apply. Prize giving is at Emoyeni Lodge at 19:30 on 18th May and you can book dinner tickets on your entry form.

iDube is fast approaching on 18th May and planning is key to ensure you have a successful race. 4StrokeWorkshop is offering transport to the iDube Kart Circuit for your kart if you need the assistance. They transport many karts for us every year and it safe and efficient and there is insurance cover available. They will be arriving at the circuit on 17th May so that you can get your practise time in before the big day. Please contact Graeme Neilson via email to book your transport: [email protected]


Technical Rule Update:

The Prokart Committee has published the following amendment to the technical rules that apply to the Sprint 390 class only.


1.5.4 SPRINT 390 TYRES: Tyres front = 10×4.60 – 5, MG compound rating VK or MG compound rating Hzi. Tyres rear = 11×7.10 -5, MG compound rating VK or MG compound rating Hzi. Sprint teams may use a maximum of three sets of VK compound tyres for a full season, and one set of Hzi compound tyres for a full season, except where explicitly allowed otherwise in the regulations for a particular event. Refer to penalty schedule for non-compliance. The usage of the Hzi compound is limited to a maximum of two events throughout the season. Sprint teams may choose any two events they wish to make use of the Hzi compound. Once scrutineered for that event, the team is required to use that compound for the entire event. This means that some teams may be racing with VK compound while others race with Hzi compound at the same event.


The above decision is based on feedback given by members at the AGM held in February 2019 and certainly adds another dimension of racing for the Sprint 390 class. This particular scenario of various karts racing each other while on different compounds was seen as a big positive during the Prokart Africa 24 Hour in 2018. Having access to two different compounds to race on allows you to add another level to your own racing strategy and to use that compound strategically during your racing calendar. Remember you may only use the single set of Hzi compound tyres for 2 events in the year. It will make for exciting racing and possibly even unexpected podium results. If you have any questions, please forward to the committee via email: [email protected]


Australian 24 Hour Endurance Race

The Prokart Africa 24 Hour event has attracted interest from a few 4Stroke karting clubs around the world. Our very own Mac Minarelli S.A. team is gearing up for the British 24 Hour event to be held in August 2019 thanks to their free entry sponsor from Teeside Karting. If you’re interested in entering your own team, please speak to us, we have a special arrangement for discounted entry exclusive to Prokart SSS club members only.

Our friends in Australia from the SEK (Sportsman Enduro Karting) series, have invited the Prokart SSS club to their 24 Hour event in October 2019. This invitation, exclusive to Prokart SSS club members, includes a very generous offer of free entry and kart for this awesome event. SEK has hosted a few 24 Hour events in the past and this one promises to be one for the bucket list.


Details of the event:

24 Hour, Eastern Creek International Raceway

Date: October 5th & 6th 2019


Facebook Page:

Details: Open to all SEK sealed Twin Honda Karts, Single engine 4 Stroke class and Corporate Hire Karts. Proudly supported by the Australian Auto Sport Alliance, Dunlop Kartsport and Eastern Creek Karts


If you want to take advantage of this amazing offer from SEK, please email the committee ([email protected]) of your interest and we will assist in putting together a team to represent Prokart SSS in Australia and show the Aussies how its done! There is only space for one team of 6 to 8 drivers. Travel and accommodation will be for your own account. Act now to secure your spot, it’s only 6 months away.




See you all on raceday!



Prokart Committee


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