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Prokart Africa 24 Hour Results

Prokart Africa 24 Hour Results

Hi Prokarters,


The First ever Prokart Africa 24 Hour Endurance race was a huge success. Thank you to all that participated and helped make this a truly memorable event and setting the scene for future 24 Hour races to come.


We have had a massive interest in our event from different 4 Stroke clubs around the world and the support has been tremendous from them. The British 24 Hour race being held in August next year is the one that stands out since the winner receives a prize that includes free entry and accommodation for 4 drivers. The SEK championship in Australia has also extended an invite to our club for their 24 Hour event taking place on 5th October 2019. More information to follow.


This event was broadcast live for the full 24 hours and the content was well received by all that watched and commented on the live feed. Greg Moloney and the team did a fantastic job to keep abreast of what was happening on and off the track throughout the race. The timekeepers, C.o.C, race officials, volunteers, fuel marshals, scrutineers and all background staff worked tirelessly to ensure all ran smoothly, with some putting in a 32 Hour day. The club thanks all of you for helping make this momentous occasion a success. Click here to follow the Prokart Africa 24 Hour Facebook page and view the live broadcasts.


Overall Top 3:

  • 1st – Mac Minarelli S.A.
  • 2nd – Rogue Racing
  • 3rd – Laserfiche Rio

Prokart SSS Top 3:

  • 1st – Mac Minarelli S.A.
  • 2nd – Laserfiche Rio
  • 3rd – Masters of Mayhem

Pro Invitational Top 3:

  • 1st – Rogue Racing
  • 2nd – Nissan 1
  • 3rd – Team ATR 27


Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Number of Karts: 23
  • Number of Karts Completed: 19
  • Number of Motors that seized: 1 (and this motor was 3 years old! Proof that Prokart SSS Motors are the ultimate, most durable race motors, thank you 4StrokeWorkshop!)
  • Number of Drivers: 134
  • Number of Laps: 1406
  • Number of Hours Driven by all drivers: Over 27000 Hours!
  • Number of laps completed by all karts: 28169
  • Distance travelled by all karts: 30 985.9km
  • Travel to Cape Town 11 Times and back or to the North Pole and Back
  • Used over 2500 litres of fuel
  • Used 69 sets of tyres
  • Over 24 000 Minutes viewed online (400 Hours!)
  • Broadcast was viewed in 56 different countries
  • South Africa, Australia, UK, France and USA was the top 5 viewed
  • Hours of sleep lost: 100s!!


Click here to view the official final overall results. Congratulations to all teams who participated. We’re sure you will all agree that just finishing this race is the ultimate achievement.


The Prokart SSS Championship table has also been updated. Congratulations to Mugello Auto Kart #031 on winning the 2018 Prokart SSS Endurance Class championship.


The Prokart SSS AGM and Prize giving will be held on Sunday 20th January 2019 at Laserfiche Raceway in Vereeniging starting at 9am. 2019 Membership applications and Kart registrations will be accepted. Full agenda and details will be provided early January 2019.


It’s been a wonderful year for Prokart SSS, but we couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal members. As we enter into the Christmas season once again, keeping an eye toward all things frugal and classy, our committee would like to extend warm wishes to you and yours. Please make the most of the holiday, travel safe and we look forward to seeing you on the track in the new year.

Merry Christmas from the Prokart SSS team.



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