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Round 8 Entries Open

Round 8 Entries Open

Hi Prokarter,


Entries for Round 8, the first Day/Night race of the year, are open and will close on 10th October. Please get your entries in by clicking here and completing the online entry form, it only takes a minute. You can download the programme and regs here if you want a sneak peak.


The club is selling a Magneto based lighting kit for your kart that will allow you to power your own LED lights directly from the power created by your motor, thus not needing batteries. This would be a great addition to your lighting solution for the 24 Hour. This was tested and run by some teams last year at the 12 Hour race and worked very well. Thanks to ATR for developing the solution and offering it to our members. The below device costs R100 and you can purchase one during documentation at the next raceday. Contact 4StrokeWorkshop for pricing on a complete fitting of a magneto on your motor, which is needed for this device to work. It is very light weight and doesn’t affect the output of power from your motor at all.

Prokart SSS alternator
Prokart SSS “alternator” 🙂

Round 7, dubbed the “Flip Flop” race since 2017 was a fantastic event. Thank you to everyone for the support and enthusiasm on the day. We appreciate your support and the fun activities were well received. We had a Pinyada in the shap of a flip flop and the kids had their fun breaking it open.

Prokart SSS Pinyada
Prokart SSS Pinyada

Then we had the fun qualifying with one representative from each team having to wear flip flops and compete in a running race to determine their grid positions. It was a very entertaining affair for all those watching, with some flip flops losing their owners very quickly and some rather odd looking drivers hopping along to the finish line.

Prokart SSS Flip Flop Race
Prokart SSS Flip Flop Race

All said and done, the trophies handed out at the end of the day were also Flip Flop themed and definitely one for the trophy cabinet.

Prokart SSS Flip Flop Trophy
Prokart SSS Flip Flop Trophy

We even had a team design their whole kart around the theme of the day, which turned out and looked great! Well done to Mid Life Crisis Kart #55 on their creativity and embracing the festivities of the day.

Prokart SSS Mid Life Crisis Kart #55
Prokart SSS Mid Life Crisis Kart #55


A big thank you to KC Design for sponsoring the day’s festivities, we really appreciate your support for Round 7.


With hands on experience in the field of fine art, commercial art and graphic design the opportunity to provide a range of products and service to the industry was recognised and resulting the establishment of KC Design in 1993. KC Design offers their customers customised solutions to enable them to reposition and manage their corporate image, brands and visual identity.

Their design services include:

  • Brand Design
  • Innovative and functional positioning of your corporate identity
  • Artwork setup of files for printing, vinyl cutting, photo editing and sourcing of material
  • Advertising – conceptual marketing and brainstorming regarding your marketing needs.
  • Training material and posters
  • Recently we have extended our creative services to the karting industry, we design, print and apply kart decals. So if you want your racing suite and kart to look the part, give us a call to design that one of a kind kart sticker kit.

Please visit their website and support them.


Here are some examples of their recent work on kart decals:



See you on race day!

Prokart Committee

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