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Round 2 – Fun in the Rain

Round 2 – Fun in the Rain

Hi Prokarters,


Round 2 was a great event supported by all classes and a welcome to all the new teams that have joined. We thank all teams, drivers, parents and supporters for their participation and for helping make the day a success and for proudly promoting the Prokart Series, which is evident in the new teams that have signed up and the feedback we have had is only positive. Let’s keep the momentum going. A massive thank you to DeTomaso Trading who generously supported Round 2 and thank you for the great prizes too.


The racing action was rather spectacular, with some really close times and exciting racing between all classes. The sudden downpour in the afternoon definitely surprised some drivers with a few finding themselves stuck on the grass. Clearly, it didn’t take long for everyone to get the hang of driving slicks on a wet surface and you were all handling it like professionals in the end. The kids especially enjoyed the wet track and showed some amazing class and skill out there. We thank all the drivers for their great conduct on and off the track, with no major incidents reported and most teams went home with their spares still intact.


The results files and championship tables have been updated. Click here to view. 


The introduction of our sponsorship programme has been very well received. Thank you to TrevPAR World and DETOMASO TRADING for sponsoring our first two rounds for the year. We are offering sponsorship opportunities for each round of the year and there are only 3 left! The package includes naming rights for the day, branding on all communications, results, website and social media and the opportunity to promote your company/product on race day if you wish. Let’s please support our sponsors this year, who make it possible for us to enjoy our shared passion.

If you know of anyone who would like to participate and find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact us or email [email protected] .

The new trophies are really starting to look good with the finishing place stickers applied to them. We cannot wait to see everyone’s trophy after round 9, they will surely tell a great story in the end about your season. A massive thank you to Cyril Jacobs for sponsoring Minions and Midgets trophies, the kids absolutely love them. Your dedication and support of the series is appreciated by the members and committee, thank you.


Entries for round 3 at Zwartkops will open and close sooner than normal to assist with proper planning, information will be announced prior to entries opening. If you need assistance with entering, please let us know via email ([email protected]) or on the Prokart SSS Official Whatsapp group and a committee member will private message you to assist.

  • Tyres: As discussed at AGM on 9th February, the new tyre control rule put in place for all Sprint 390 and Endurance 390 karts was enforced in Round 2. The club has allocated serialized, vulcanized stickers to each team, regardless if you have new or used Dunlop SL1 tyres. Each time a set of tyres is changed on your kart that do not have a serial number allocated will require a new set of stickers and will count towards your annual allocation. Remember that the purpose of this initiative is to further promote an ethos in our series of affordability (preventing the possibility of scrubbing multiple sets of tyres and declaring them as used) and ensuring fair racing and it has always been difficult to control this until now. The stickers have been placed on the inside of each tyre and they are very difficult to remove once applied. Please do not remove them, otherwise you will be required to put new stickers on and will attract a charge and your annual allocation will be deducted by 1. Scrutineering will enforce this by use of an electronic database, tracking your tyre serial allocation to each team. Exceptions will be made in the case of punctures and at the discretion of the COC and race committee on the day. No sticker, no race.


Please ensure you know the rules, which you can find on our website . Rules are there to ensure fairness for everyone and the race officials try their best to ensure rules are enforced. If you know a rule is being broken and the race officials are unaware, it is your duty as a Prokart member and to your fellow members to bring infringements to the attention of the officials so that they can attend to it. It is the job of the race officials to apply the rules an in un-biased manner, whilst embodying the spirit of our series, which is to have fun, fair racing and to be safe while doing it. We encourage all members to help ensure this happens.


We are also very glad to hear that Tyler Robinson is doing very well on her road to recovery. Tyler had an unfortunate incident during a practice day that saw her kart make contact with another that spun in front of her. Her kart flipped over which resulted in a cracked rib and a punctured lung. It was not a pleasant experience at all for the Robinson family and we are very glad that she is making a good recovery. We all know that motor sport is dangerous and this is why we take as many precautions as we can on a race day to prevent such things from happening, however accidents do happen. We hear that Tyler is very keen to get back out onto the circuit and we cannot wait to welcome her back!



Prokart SSS Track Day

Next race will be held at Zwartkops Kart Circuit on 20th May 2018. We trust that you will all enjoy the April holidays and travel safe to your destinations. For those of you who cannot go that long without some track time, we will be reaching out to all about a Prokart track day at Laserfiche Raceway. Provisional date is for Saturday 21 or Sunday 22 April. Depending on the support from teams for the day, the club may be assisting with covering the costs for track hire and thus offer discounted practice fees for all karts. Normal practice fee for the circuit is R350 per kart and as a club we hope to reduce that fee by using club funds available based on how well the day is supported. So the track will be dedicated to Prokart practice only. This will be a great opportunity to get some track time and advice with the top teams, where we will help each other with race craft, lines, setup and have a great time doing it. We encourage all to participate as it will only make the racing even closer and more competitive.


See you next race day!

Prokart Committee


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