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TrevPAR World Round 1 Entries Open

TrevPAR World Round 1 Entries Open


Hi Prokarters,



Entries for the TrevPAR World Round 1 event, to be held at Laserfiche Raceway on Sunday 25th February are now open.




Click here to enter now. Remember to register as a driver member and then to register your teams before you enter Round 1.


Driver Registration: Click here

Team Registration: Click here


Our first race sponsor for this year is TrevPAR World. We encourage members to have a look at what TrevPAR World is all about and to please pay a visit to their website. We are very excited about their involvement and it’s partnerships like this that make our series so great and we hope to continue such a partnership with TrevPAR World for many years to come.


About TrevPAR World


TrevPAR World is a hospitality data analytics company that specialises in total revenue management as well as hotel distribution including sales, marketing and social media.

Our main focus is to optimize profits by implementing a data driven strategy that allows one to track, adjust and maintain the performance of your business as well as the various outlets that the business has to offer.

We offer a complete service for commercial readiness of your business, our audit process assists us in streamlining processes and strategies for existing hotels as well as the implementation of processed and strategies for newly built hotels.

The different services that we offer are listed below, please click on the relevant service for more information about that particular service offering.


See you all soon.


Prokart SSS Committee

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