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Round 1 Results

Round 1 Results

Hi Prokarters,


Round 1 could not have started off better for the 2018 season. It was great to see everyone at the track on time and with the new paperless system provided by Laserfiche, everything ran quickly and fairly smoothly throughout the day. We have had very positive feedback and Round 2 will be even more streamlined for the day’s documentation. The kids seemed to have a really good time and it was just smiles all around, which is what we love to see. On the track, it was a different story, as we all know very well that once you cross that start line, it’s business. Some great racing action made for an exciting day and we are glad to see that all racing was clean and fair.


Welcome to all the new teams and drivers, we hope you had a great experience and that you will continue to improve your race craft with us on the track throughout the 2018 season. The day was not without some drama, however, a reminder to always tighten those nuts and bolts and watch out for the poles in the pit lanes. It’s all part of racing and remember that preparation and practice is key to success in this series.


We thank our race sponsor for the day, TrevPAR World for helping make it such a great success. We have already filled up 6 naming rights sponsorships for the year and only 3 more spaces are left. Additional sponsorship opportunities are also available other than naming rights. If you’re interested, please email us at [email protected] and we will share all the information with you. Also a big thank you to Xeramic Kart Lubricants South Africa for their wonderful hamper given to our class winners for the day valued at over R1000 each.


The results files and championship tables have been updated. Click here to view. Photographs of the event have also been uploaded to the Prokart SSS Facebook page.


Our club has also been featured on Wheels24 and numerous other publications. Click here to read the article. If you know of any publications that you would like to feature in, please let us know.


Round 2 entries will open soon. The event will be sponsored by DeTomaso Trading. We will share some more information about them in our next newsletter. Please visit their website and follow them on their facebook page. Round 2 will be held at Laserfiche Raceway on Sunday 18th March 2018, in REVERSE. A similar race programme to Round 1 will be adopted for the day, as it was unanimously voted in favour by all classes.


Thank you for your support.

Prokart Committee

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