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Thank You!

Thank You!

Good morning Prokarters and Supporters,


Well the 24hrs of karting is done, and I don’t know about you but I am moeg.


It was another 12 hour race with no rain, woohoo!, but even more impressive was the support we got  for the Catherine Robson Children’s Home.


It is most humbling to me to be part of a series that all came together and give so much for this charity. I could not believe my eyes when I walked into our store room and saw everything that was donated, and then of course the amount of money donations was WOW!!!!!


Even more was when I saw OUR children talking and playing with the children from the home, I watched them all come together, playing, running, smiling and laughing together. Dominee Dannie told me just before he left, he wished he could have brought all the children from the home cause he has not seen the children that were there so happy and feeling part of something, and guess what? That was ALL YOU!


A full list will be sent out with everything that was collected on the day including a full transparent audit of the days race, showing the money raised for the Catherine Robson Children’s home.


We also have overwhelming support from contractors, electricians and plumpers offering their services, because as you know the money raised will go towards fixing the home, so if you know of anyone else willing to help, please let me know.


I was asked to send out banking details for those who wanted to donate more. So it is …


Action Karts


Account number 1729 327 877

Code 172-937

Ref must be CRH (your name )


Then lastly I have a number of projects on the go at the Home, and if you are willing to give a hand or know anyone that can help please feel free to whatsapp me on 074 1234 125 or mail me on [email protected] or even if you just want to say howzit that is cool too


Kind regards


Robert Fouche …. your proud COC

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