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Catherine Robson Children’s Home

Catherine Robson Children’s Home

Every year the SSS raise money to help an organisation in need at our 24 hrs of karting race, and this year is no different. This year we going to help the Catherine Robson Children Home in Vereeniging (074-521-NPO).

The home houses 76 children from the ages of 2 years old to 18 years old, most of these children have been removed from their home and placed at Catherine Robson by social workers, and most have had a traumatic background.

Patsy, Marc and myself went to the home to find out their needs. We met with Susan, Joe and Dominee Danie Kruger who told us about the children and the many needs they have. After walking around we were surprised by sadness and joy… it was sad to see how deteriorated the home was and the many, many needs they have and joyed by how we were greeted by the children with open arms, hugs and big smiles. The home is divided into 5 houses from gender to age, and each house has a house mother that lives with the children and cares for them. On walking around we noticed many things that needed desperate attention, like the roof that needs desperately to be painted, paint, doors, shower heads, shower curtains, mirrors and much, much more. There was also the small things like each house has a community room for watching TV, doing homework and relaxing, these rooms were cold and bare. The bedrooms were uninspiring yet met their basic needs, we would like to have them brightened up and to be given some of the children’s personality.

What we would like this year is for all teams to contribute what they can, either in additional funds, material donations and their time. ALL proceeds from entry fees for this race will be put into a dedicated fund for the home. The Prokart Committee will ensure that the use of these funds go to help with repairs to the home (some rooms don’t have doors, light bulbs, bathroom repairs etc.).

Some of the needs at the home are:

The home itself needs painting, doors, door handles, shower heads, mirrors, shelving, ceiling boards, Tiles, Pictures, wardrobes, curtains, cutlery, plates, cups, glasses, TV s, HI-FI s, DVD machines etc. and a lot of TLC, and due to the excessive electricity bill they are trying to get donations for induction stoves for each house.

Security Cameras for Social Worker meetings as these have to be recorded, they are currently using a little web cam.

The Children on the other hand are in dire need of clothing, especially the Boys since they have nothing in stock currently. They currently are all donated and use second hand clothing, but the home has asked that we do not donate second hand underwear and socks. The children have a community closet where they share the clothes for each age group. So if you are able to donate, there will be a bin to place donations into.

We believe that we as a club can make a difference in these children’s lives and give back to our community. We have provided a list of things that we humbly ask your assistance with to donate on race day. Our scrutineer will assist with collecting these items on the day (you won’t get your scrutineer sticker if you come empty handed ?.If each driver could please bring something small, it will make a big difference in their lives. Our scrutineer will collect from everyone on race day:

  • 1 x Deodorant, Shampoo or Conditioner, Shower Gel or Soap

All in all this was an extremely humbling and eye opening visit, where we realised that a warm meal and love is more important than material goods! We have invited the children to attend our race day on 16th September, where we will all get a chance to meet some of them.



Race Entries are open, click here to enter.

Regs and Programme are still being finalised. Sprints and Endurance, be sure to have your lights ready for some racing under the floodlights.


See you all there!


Rob Fouche & the Prokart Committee


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