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Round 6 Entries Open

Round 6 Entries Open

Entries for Round 6 of the Prokart Endurance and Sprint Series are now open. This event will be held at iDube Raceway in Pietermaritzburg. and will be open to Endurance class and Sprint 390 classes only. The Midget, Minion and 270 Classes will not participate in Round 6 and their championship points will reflect this round as a cancellation. iDube has always been a highlight on the calendar and promises to be a very challenging and fun day for all involved. The programme starts very early on Saturday 15th July, so be sure to be at the track from 6am so you can start preparations for the day ahead. Light at this time of the year is minimal, so we need to make the most of our time there.


If you still need to find accommodation, you can try:

Ascot Inn



Prize giving will be held at the race track after the day’s events.


Entries close on 12th July 2017 @ 17:00. Late entry fees will be applied.







How the idube kart circuit came to be….


1700 AD

In the 17th Century there was a Pirate named, Long John Silver, under the command of the Notorious Captain Fintch, they looted one of the biggest hauls in History…5 Million pounds of Spanish Gold. A week or two after the siege, long John Silver double crossed Captain Fintch and stole the gold for himself. He headed inland off the Natal coastline and buried the treasure deep in the Idube hills.


In the 18th Century a man by the name of Christopher Columbus heard the tale of this great treasure, and set his sights on finding it. After getting lost and mistakenly discovering the Cape, he landed on the Natal coast, and set out to retrieve the great treasure. When arriving at the location in the Idube hills he thought to be the spot, every tree, bush, rock and blade of grass was removed in the attempt to find the 5 Million pounds of Spanish Gold.

1900 AD

In the 19th Century on a warm summer evening a dude left the bar motherless, in his drunken stupor he ended up walking for miles and miles, up and over rocks and hills in search for the place he called home. Suddenly he stumbled apon an opening deep in the hills, the grounds were bare from Christopher Columus ‘s efforts to find the missing Gold, he closed one eye as to see clearer, looked around then stood up straight and proud, raising one finger high into the air, he proclaimed..uuumm to himself … “ hic … I am going to .. hic .. build a ..hic .. kart track here..hic ..”

And so it was…Idube Kart Circuit was born.

Now some say this is but a story told by men with nothing more to do but tell meaningless stories with a mug of Rum in their hand.

It is also said that the story is true, and that the Treasure was never retrieved, maybe making the Idube Kart Circuit one of the most valuable tracks in the word, as its foundation is made of …5 Million Pounds of Spanish Gold.

What ever the story may be, do you really want to be that person to say he could not make the Idube Race on the 15th July 2017?????



Capitain Oral Cactus …AKA COC … AKA Robert Fouche


See you at the track!

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