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Prokart 2017 Calendar

Prokart 2017 Calendar

Hi Everyone,


The committee has been hard at work securing this season’s calendar as well as many other important items to be attended to in preparation for what promises to be a fantastic 2017 season.


Here are the first 3 races for the year. For the full calendar, click here.


Prokart SSS Sprints:

Round 1 – Sun 12 Feb @ Laserfiche Raceway (VKC)

Round 2 – Sat 4 March @ Laserfiche Raceway Reverse

Round 3 – Sat 22 April @ Laserfiche Raceway (Day/Night)


Prokart SSS Endurance:

Round 1 – Sun 26 Feb @ Laserfiche Raceway (VKC)

Round 2 – Sun 26 March @ Laserfiche Raceway Reverse

Round 3 – Sat 22 April @ Laserfiche Raceway (Day/Night)


The combined Day/Night race on 22 April will be the first of 2 Day/Nights of the year on the new surface and promises to offer more than a full day’s racing for both Sprint and Endurance teams. One of our aims this year is to ensure that we have more racing for all classes, and since April is such a busy month with all the holidays, we thought why not have a combined event that still has 4 heats for all Sprints as normal and a full 6 hours for the Endurance teams as normal. The weather will be favourable and still warm enough to host a day/night event.


The last item of the calendar is being confirmed with iDube. We have something new planned this year for iDube that should make everyone happy and we will ensure that you all get maximum track time for that race weekend, aligning with our Sprint and Endurance formats.


Team Registrations will be opening very soon. So get your new kart numbers ready to reserve and keep an eye on this space for further announcements.


Can’t wait until Round 1? Why not head out to Laserfiche Raceway on Sunday 22 January 2017 and be the first to try out the new surface.


Thanks and regards,

Prokart SSS Committee

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