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Endurance and Minions crown their new Prokart SSS 2016 Champions!

Endurance and Minions crown their new Prokart SSS 2016 Champions!

So Round 9 Results are up!


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Congratulations to Road Runner Racing crowned Prokart SSS Endurance Champions for 2016!

Congratulations to Triston Phillips crowned the Prokart SSS Minions Champion for 2016!


A hotly (pun intended) contested Round 9 of the Endurance championship was held on Sunday 30th October.
Racing was close and the high heat made for some interesting strategies to be put into play with tyres proving difficult to manage and engine temperatures at probable record highs, leaving some teams scratching their heads on where performance disappeared to after the early morning heat 1.


Both Triston Phillips and Road Runner Racing had a large lead coming into the round and really only needed to score a few points to seal this year’s championship in 1st place. In true Road Runner Style and despite a troublesome 1st heat, they took maximum points for the day, making it 7 straight wins for the year since Round 3. Triston took a well deserved 2nd place, which was enough to seal the Minions championship.


Well done to Road Runner Racing for a remarkable season and despite some troublesome races throughout the year, still never gave up and fought to the very last lap of every race. Even whilst competing up front, this team still made time to assist other teams who were fighting them for the title when trouble hit, and this proves that this series is not just about going out, doing your own thing and winning races. It’s also about the camaraderie and passion that we all share for our sport and willingness to help our fellow competitors and see them succeed too.


Will Road Runner finish off the year on a high of 8 straight wins? Next race is on Saturday 12th November, a combined Endurance and Sprint event and final race for the season before the track gets resurfaced. Come see who takes the final win of the year and who gets crowned Midget and 270cc Champions for 2016!

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