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Official Prokart SSS Practice and Training – Agenda

Official Prokart SSS Practice and Training – Agenda
Please be at Vereeniging Kart Circuit well before 9am so that you don’t miss out on the first part of training. We will be starting promptly at 9am. Tomorrow’s training schedule:
9am – 10am : Welcome from 4StrokeWorkshop and assisting teams and Racing Theory Discussion on the following:
– Flags
– Racing Etiquette on and off track
– Scale Procedures
– Racing Lines
– Pit Stops and Strategies
– General
– Q&A
10am – 2pm : Assistance with Kart Setups :
– Setups and Fine Tuning, sharing tips and tricks
– Analysis of kart handling/setup with the top teams who will have the opportunity to drive your kart and give you direct feedback
– Driver Racing Line training, where you get the opportunity to follow other drivers and learn to improve your own race craft.
See you all there!

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