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Welcome to 2015 and the fastest growing kart formulae

Welcome to 2015 and the fastest growing kart formulae


Well, 2014 is done and dusted. Considering at the end of 2013, the launch year of the Prokart Super Single Endurance series from the remnants of the old Prokart twin-engine series, we had about 8 Super Single teams, we now stand at about 46 registered teams and I know of 5 more teams that have already given notice of their intention to participate in 2015. Growth beyond our wildest dreams.



This has been achieved because of number of basic principles we have adopted for the series.


1. A stable set of rules that are administered consistently without bias, fear or favour.


2. A fixed calendar that does not chop and change throughout the year enabling teams to plan ahead.


3. Standard engines controlled by a single engine builder ensuring the playing field is level.


4. Keeping entry fees at an affordable level. 2014 saw an increase of R50. The first increase in 8 years!!


5. Making sure the camaraderie between teams ensures winning is done on the track and not in the boardroom, or pits as a result of a breakdown. How many times did you see rival teams helping each other get a kart repaired and back on the circuit.






2015 will see the introduction of the Super Single Midgets to encourage all the juniors into the sport. there are already about 10 karts lined up for the 2015 season. Never fear they will be racing on different days to the 6 hour races. Incorporated in the Super Single Midget race days will be Super Single (senior) Sprint series for those who can’t get enough racing. Also for those wanting to test karts and drivers for the 6 hour format.



So a lot is happening in the world of Prokart Super Single Endurance racing



Welcome to 2015!!!!!!!

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