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WANTED – Chain Gang labour

WANTED – Chain Gang labour

We need a bunch of people, some with engineering, and, or construction experience to help us help Aunty Patsy smooth out the track surface in time for the 12 hour. We intend to do Turn 1, after the chicane, and Turn 2.

How? By applying a layer of self leveling , quick drying cement product. Hence the need for some engineering/construction skills to ensure we get the levels right, and skim it to nice, not too smooth finish.

When? We figured it would be a good idea to do it before the 12 hour. It would have to be during the week on a Tuesday when the track is closed. So what about Tuesday 14 October?

Why? So you don’t have your fillings come loose, your ribs break, your kart break from the bumpiness in those turns. This I would imagine would be a major benefit.

Since this is a chain gang, leg irons and orange overalls would be appropriate attire for the day.

Anybody that can help, contact Rob 082-9203097


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