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SSS Championship 2017


SSS Overall Championship Table


The below championship table is for all classes combined. The points for Index of Performance for the Endurance class has been excluded from this table.


Competitor/Team Name
1Endurance66Laserfiche Rio391
2Endurance23Xtreme Racing358
3Minions11Cyril Jacobs348
4Sprint 39088Tolken Racing347
5Endurance31Praga Racing345
6Sprint 39030Road Runner Racing332
8Sprint 39044Pirtek Racing324
9Midget40Godfrey Malemane313
10Minions7Dean Berner302
11Sprint 39053Mini/Maxi Panelbeaters296
12Endurance12Hubbit Racing296
13Endurance67Laserfiche Avante292
14Endurance18Masters of Mayhem 2284
15Midget43Christopher Tait279
16Midget57Thando Malemane271
17Endurance21Parabolica Racing271
18Sprint 39027Team ATR 1252
19Endurance27Team ATR252
20Sprint 39012Sidewinder247
21Sprint 39086JSP Racing241
22Minions4Kutlwano Malumane233
23Endurance64Dudes and Boobs233
24Sprint 3903F & D Racing211
25Minions22Calvin Laubscher207
26270cc114Tyron Donker204
27Sprint 39040Team ATR 2196
28Endurance29Integral Racing189
29Midget7Leandro Figueira182
31Endurance32Xtreme Racing 2166
32Endurance17Masters of Mayhem153
33Midget17Chloe Stuart148
34Sprint 39026Fast Forward Racing140
35Sprint 39094Furmanite Racing140
36270cc46Wietzie Steyn137
37Endurance11Team Gran Turismo Racing133
38Sprint 39019Fast Forward Racing 1112
39Endurance69The A-Team109
40Minions35Hayley Scheepers106
41Endurance99Cornright Automatic104
42Sprint 39093Kaysys 198
43Sprint 39072Vehicular Freak 194
44Midget35Hayley Scheepers90
45Endurance22Team SSS88
46Midget12Zac Thomas Fivaz88
47Sprint 39047Team Futuristic 185
48Sprint 39041Johnson Chemicals77
49Sprint 39022Team SSS72
50Endurance24Prima Racing70
51Midget24Jemma Neilson67
52Midget114Kai Hanna67
53Minions111Luka Gouws62
54Minions88Luke James van Vuuren60
55270cc44Pirtek Racing 259
56270cc57Double Trouble59
57Minions44D'Niell Gouws58
58Minions101Tiaan Steenberg57
59Midget200Ruan Steenberg56
60Sprint 39014Verlaque Racing46
61Sprint 39033Vehicular Freak 246
62Sprint 39025Taxserv Phoenix Racing36
63Endurance111Juggernaut Racing34
64Endurance3Joy Ride32
65Minions95Lex Foxcroft30
66Sprint 39013Rob Clark29
67Midget29Dylan de Jager29
68Midget74Cameron Obermeyer29
69Midget18Tyler Robinson29
70Midget117Simone Jacobs28
71Minions19Sebastian Bester27
72Endurance105EV Dynamics Racing23
73Sprint 390146Adriaan Burger23
74Sprint 39034Dave Dalziel22
75Sprint 39031Old Oil Boys21
76Sprint 39046Steven van Rensburg19
77Sprint 39098Riaan van Rensburg18