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Committee Code of Conduct

The Committee Members of the Prokart Super Single Series have all agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct set forth below:


We will not compromise on Safety.

Motor racing of any kind has an inherent element of danger, which is acknowledged and accepted by all participants.

As a committee, we will ensure that all our decisions are made with Safety of our club members as our prime concern.


We will be fair and consistent in our decision making.

It is inevitable that there will be differences of opinion in any series of this nature. We undertake to be fair and consistent in our management of the series. We will not shy away from any conflicts that arise, and will seek to resolve them within the spirit and letter of the rules of the series, without fear or favour.


We will promote the Series to the best of our ability.

We undertake to manage and promote the series in a professional manner.

We believe in the strength of SSS, and will not engage in actively poaching or recruiting from other series. We actively endorse our members participating in other series, should they wish to do so.

We remain primarily a social series, with a strong competitive element. We encourage family participation, and focus on promoting youngsters (and older rookies) into racing.

We actively promote a fun element to make the series as enjoyable as possible.


The series belongs to the members.

A strong technical framework is a necessity. Any changes to the rules and series are considered annually at the AGM.

We undertake to listen to our members, and to seriously consider any suggestions brought to our attention. We encourage members to voice their feelings and suggestions for the betterment of the series.


We will put the Series first.

The committee has been voted into their positions by the members.

We undertake that, during the period of our tenure, we will always act in the best interests of the series. We will be open and transparent in all aspects of our actions, and hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make.



Your Prokart SSS Committee – 2018

Chairman – Sheldon Halgreen

Vice Chairman – Paul Edwards

Treasurer – Patsy Roos

Technical – Graeme Nielson

Secretary – Chrizelle Sheppard

Marketing – Bianca Bornman

Advisors to the Committee – Marc Vere and Brett Spiers

Contact us anytime: [email protected]