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Entries Open for 2019 – MG Chosen as Official Tyre Partner for Prokart SSS

Entries Open for 2019 – MG Chosen as Official Tyre Partner for Prokart SSS

Dear Prokarter,

We are pleased to announce that MG Tires has been chosen as the official tyre partner for the Prokart SSS Endurance and Sprint 390 classes at the AGM held on 20th January 2019. The MG VK and Hzi compound tyres were used in the Prokart Africa 24 Hour event held on 1 December 2018 and proved to be very durable and fast.


The club had been testing the MG tyres since April 2018 in preparation for the 24 Hour event and it has surprised many that a tyre this durable could be so quick and “racey”. The committee believes that based on the 24 Hour show, these tyres are well suited to Prokart SSS as an amateur series as they are very forgiving when making mistakes out on track and also allow for easier overtaking since the grip it offers really allows you to go off the racing line and still hold it together.


Marino Junior of MG Brazil says “We are very excited to be joining forces with Prokart SSS in South Africa after a successful introduction in the Prokart Africa 24 Hour. This partnership is very exciting to us and we welcome them into the MG family. MG has also been chosen as the official supplier for the 2019 CIK-FIA Endurance Championship, which will take place in Le Mans (France) between sep. 26th to sep. 29th, 2019. So it is with great pleasure that we have also been chosen to support your endurance racing in South Africa.”


The Prokart 2019 season kicks off on 10 February 2019 at Laserfiche Raceway in Vereeniging for Round 1 of the Sprint and Endurance championship. The club has placed the care of tyre supply in the hands of 4StrokeWorkshop.

Please contact them for your tyres for the 2019 season. The following rules have been put forward with regards to tyre management:


  • The MG VK Compound will be used by both Endurance and Sprint 390 classes for 2019 as from Round 1.
  • The tyres are barcoded and each team’s purchase will be recorded for the club’s records. These barcodes will be tracked and used on raceday to determine validity of tyres per kart.
  • The current tyre allocations for the season remain unchanged for the year at 4 sets in total for each class
  • Failure to race on officially supplied serials for your kart will result in exclusion from results.
  • Cost per set of 4 is capped at R2500 including VAT. This is a saving of R2800 for the year.
  • For supply, please contact and supply your current team registration details (Team Name and Kart Number).


You can register your drivers and teams/karts for the 2019 season on our updated registration form: Click here. Be sure to either select the following options:

  • Club Membership – If you are registering for membership for the year. This is R200 per membership.
  • Club and Team Registration –  If you are registering both member and kart/team at the same time. For Minions, Midgets and Sprint 200, this is R700 for the year, including one driver membership. For Endurance and Sprint 390, This is R900 including one driver and kart.
  • Team Registration – If you are just registering your team only (Team Managers could use this option)


The Technical Rules and Regulations have been revised for the 2019 season. Not many big changes except for tyres, the new Sprint 200 class into the 2019 championship for 12-16 year olds and some additional clarifications on specific rules and dyno procedures. You can click here to download and review. Should you spot anything that you wish to bring to the committee’s attention, please email them at


Entry fees have also been reviewed by the committee and we are pleased to announce that Endurance and Sprint 390 classes remain unchanged for the 2019 season. Endurance entry fee is R1200 and Sprint 390 is R700 per event. Minions, Midgets and Sprint 200 were sponsored in 2018 by the club with free entry for each event. For 2019, these classes will pay a small fee of R250 per entry.


Race Programme and Regs available here for download.


So, get your teams registered, memberships and entries in for Round 1 this weekend. Click here to enter if you’ve already registered.


We can’t wait to see you on 10 Feb at Laserfiche Raceway and looking forward to a fantastic 2019 season.



Prokart SSS Committee

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