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Splash and Dash Round 5

Splash and Dash Round 5

Hi Prokarter,


Round 5 sponsored by Laserfiche at Laserfiche Raceway was a day full of surprises. With the morning sessions starting out dry, nobody was sure if there was going to be rain or not. It rained during the first heat as well as for the rest of the day, however the rain was so light and intermittent, which meant that the track conditions were ever changing. You could have started your heat in the wet, it dried out in the middle of the heat and then wet again at the end. This most certainly challenged all the teams and drivers to come up with the right setup to suit the conditions, especially since we all know how challenging and fun it is to race in the wet on slicks. Once again, all drivers showed class and skill in the wet and avoided any major incidents. Marc Vere from Kart 031 – Mugello Auto, is working on some wonderful pictures that he took of everyone in the wet and we will upload them shortly and share with everyone.


For those of you who do not know who or what Laserfiche is, you might have noticed that the online entry form system as well as our scrutineer and documentation processes are all managed by the Laserfiche Software. Laserfiche develops the world’s leading software to manage content, automate processes and inform strategic decision-making, enabling people and organizations to do more of the work that matters. Using Laserfiche’s online forms technology, Prokart has enabled a paperless and more streamlined entry, documentation and scrutineer system. The Laserfiche crew are working hard to enable more processes that will help us run our race days even smoother and smarter, thanks to all your ideas and feedback from race days. If you think Laserfiche could be of benefit to your own business, reduce paper wastage and save on costs and process inefficiencies, have a look here to learn more and contact Noscotek to give you a free assessment.


Another exciting initiative by the committee saw a 1 hour race being organised between Endurance and Sprint karts, with 36 teams taking to the start. The top 20 karts were within 1 second of each other in dry qualifying! Here is a link to a video on our facebook page of the warm up lap and start of the race in the wet conditions. There has been a lot of positive feedback on the race and there might be a mini rivalry between Endurance and Sprint busy brewing, watch this space!


The championship tables have been updated, you can click here to view. Don’t forget that you can also download all the lap and results files too.


Round 6 will be held at Zwartkops Kart Circuit on Sunday 12th August. Entries are not yet open and will be announced this week.


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