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Round 3 Results

Round 3 Results

Hi Prokarters,


Round 3 held at Zwartkops Kart Circuit has come and gone with some fantastic results to boot. We would like to thank AF Fans for the sponsorship, we all really appreciate your contribution to the Zwartkops day and we encourage you to please give them a follow on Facebook and show some support. Also thank you to all race officials and marshals who once again made it possible to run the day as smoothly as it did.


AF Fans


The championship tables have been updated and there’s still no clear indications of who is going to take top honours this year. Looking at the close racing and exciting checkered flag finishes, the next 6 rounds are going to be something to watch.


We welcome all the new teams we saw on Sunday. Endurance class welcomes Limping Pistons who have made a comeback to practice for the big 24 Hour event and Speed Monkeys who put up a great result for their first race too. Sprint 390 also welcomes Senna Racing, Mid Life Crisis, Gladiator, Christiaan van Wyk and Stewart Racing. The Midgets welcome Tyron Roberts who also showed a great result for his first outing with Prokarts this season. Welcome to all and well done on reaching the checkered flag!


Click here to view the updated championship tables.


Prokart SSS Display at golf day


The Prokart Committee will be having a display at the Parklane Charity Golf day on 25 May 2018 at the Eye of Africa Golf Course.  Thank you to Neelam Rama from Integral Racing (Kart #29) for inviting Prokart for donating a hole on the golf course that we can use for marketing the series. If anyone is in the area, please feel free to pop around and support. If you are also interested in buying a 4 ball, contact Neelam to book at [email protected] .


ATR Round 4 Entries are open

Ant's Transmission Repairs

We would like to thank Ant’s Transmission Repairs (ATR Kart #127) for their sponsorship of Round 4 at iDube. If you’re not familiar with what ATR does, have a look below and visit their website:

ATR was established in 2014. We have a passion to deliver high quality work at affordable pricing. We lead in truth with all repairs done to our transmissions. All repairs done at ATR are done correctly first time.

What we offer:

  • We offer Mercedes Benz Keys
  • We offer repairs to all Mercedes Benz Transmissions
  • We offer Transmission control unit repairs to all Mercedes Gearboxes
  • We offer a wide verity of torque converter repairs
  • We repair all Manuel transmissions
  • We offer Transmission Control Modules coding and diagnoses to all Mercedes Benz
  • We offer Mercedes Benz engine rebuilding
  • We offer the Removal and fitment of all Transmissions
  •  Our warranty is one year unlimited mileage

Have a look at their website for contact information and to find out more about how they can help you with your Mercedes Benz.



The next round will be held at iDube Kart Circuit. Uphills, downhills, chicanes and other challenges make KwaZulu-Natal’s iDube Raceway a favourite destination on the local racing calendar. At 1000 metres in length, Idube is a once in a life time experience which offers high speed technical racing all set in a magnificent valley filled with wildlife. Dubbed as the country’s most unusual track featuring corners such as “Thunderdome” and “Kangaroo Bend” this is a race that cannot be missed.


Click here to watch a lap around this awesome track.


For accommodation, here is a list of options close to the track to get you started. We have heard that there will be some campers at the circuit as well, so you’re welcome to bring your tents and sleeping bags:


The track will be open on Friday 22nd June for practice. Documentation and scrutineer work will be done from about 3pm on Friday. Don’t worry if you don’t make it on Friday, we will continue with documentation and scrutineering early on Saturday morning. If you’re already entered, you would have received the programme for the day, please take note that it’s an early start again and we need to make use of as much daylight as possible.



Entries close on 8th June, so please click here to enter now so we can confirm numbers and help us organise another memorable event.


See you at iDube!

Prokart SSS Committee


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