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Important Announcements and Calendar Change

Important Announcements and Calendar Change

Dear Prokarter,


Please take note of the following changes to the calendar for the remainder of the season. All Endurance and Sprint events will now be combined into a single race day. The decision is driven by a couple of practical reasons, including it being more cost effective to run an event over a single day as opposed to multiple days as well as the fact that there are a number of Endurance Prokarters with youngsters also driving in the Sprint events and we wish to make the participation a more family friendly affair. It also makes sense to keep the events combined, like we used to have it in the past, for the remainder of the season to help everyone during these tough economic times.


There has been one new positive amendment in our technical rules. Thanks to a sponsorship from ATS Motorsport, we are changing our air filters from the Green Filter to the new Red K&N Performance Filter. If you have not already swapped out your filter for a free K&N Filter, you should have the opportunity to do so at the next race. 4 Stroke Workshop will supply all teams with a replacement filter at no cost. Going forward, the new K&N filter is about R100 cheaper to replace than the Green Filter, which is just another step in the right direction in trying keep costs down and ensure fair racing for everyone.


The new dates are as follows and the calendar has been updated:


Round 7 – 26 August (Saturday)
Round 8 – 16 & 17 September (12 Hour)
Round 9 – 1 October (Sunday)
Round 10 – 11 November (Saturday)


Round 10 will also host our annual Prize Giving, so be sure to be there and not miss out on the fun!


Minions now have free entry!


The Prokart Committee have decided to waiver the Minions entry fee for the remainder of the season. This decision will help support this class and assist with future growth for new entrants into our awesome series.


Entries for Round 7 are now open. Click here to enter.


See you all at the track!


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