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Updated Rules for 2017

Updated Rules for 2017

Attention all Prokart Drivers and Team Managers,


Please  note that a major clean up has been done on the rules. Many sections have been changed, removed or added and more detailed accomodation for both Endurance and Sprint series. The main points to take home are highlighted below, but we urge everyone to read through the rules. Herewith a list of some of the changes:
  • General re-write of many points to remove ambiguity and improve clarity
  • Re-numbering of all points
  • Removal of duplication where some rules were in conflict with each other as a result
  • Removal of actual penalties. Penalties will be published as a separate “Penalty schedule”
  • Age requirements have been clarified and allowance made for dispensation (with conditions)
  • Tie break rule added for the day’s results and for championship results
  • Points schemes split to clarify different points for the day vs championship points
  • Index of Performance changed. Karts will need to take the flag to be eligible. DNF (did not pass the flag) will score 0% for that race.
  • No allowance for underweight by losing parts. Underweight is underweight…
  • Added a procedure for “Simulated” driver changes
  • Changed the point scheme to start at 35 points for the win
  • Removed viagra sans ordonnance the “two-thirds” rule to qualify for full points. Points will be allocated as per the scheme if you have started the race.
  • Updated 270 class to allow 1 or 2 drivers
  • Updated bonus point allocation for the championship points – Top 3 IOP placing’s will receive 5, 3 and 1 point respectively
  • Rule regarding “approved helmets” has been re-written to add clarity to the safety standards expected
  • Rule 11.1 – changed to allow chain lubrication as well as driver and weight changes
  • Rule 13.8 – Updated to read “Under no circumstances is the Clerk of the Course obliged to act on any verbal representation regarding an on circuit incident”
  • Clarified loss of ballast/weights as negligent
  • Many other small changes


The rules and other important documents can be found here.



Prokart SSS Committee

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