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Round 8 Endurance Results are up

Round 8 Endurance Results are up

The results for the 8th Round of the Prokart Endurance Series are available for download and the championship tables have been updated.


The race for 1st place in the championship is still up for grabs, but it’s looking very promising for #30, Road Runner, who lead by 56 points after taking the win yesterday. With a potential 74 points still available in the last two rounds of the season, anything can happen. Only 46 points between 2nd and 12th place, so there’s still a lot of action to be seen on track.


Click here to view the Endurance results for the day. Remember that you can download the full race results with each and every lap for the entire day. Use this to analyse your performance against your competitors and improve for your next race.


Photos for the Sprint race on 18th September have been posted to our Facebook page. Some great shots in the wet, thanks to our photographer, Werner Viet. This weekend’s photos will be posted soon.


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