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COC Newsletter Round 1 Endurance

COC Newsletter Round 1 Endurance

Well 21st February saw the first round of the Endurance series for 2016, and with the timing system up and running and beautiful blue skies, the race was on. With not a bad number of competitors, 24 teams rocked up to play, which is not bad considering there were 7 teams that apologised for not being there cause of certain circumstances, and Graeme from 4stroke Workshop saying he is building and fixing more Karts to come.


The day started out with many competitors ogling Marc’s new baby ( Team Swift ) the all new PRAGA KART, I must say a very good looking kart, which did very well in qualifying, but not able to finish the race cause of brake issues. The start of the race saw 2P Racing and Xtreme Racing taking P1 & 2 on the grid, then the flag dropped, and all took off like farts in a snow storm, and for the next 6 hours saw some crazy driving and magical over taking. Unfortunately 2P Racing that was leading the race for most of the first hour or two, popped their motor, and retired to the Bar area, letting Xtreme racing take the checkered flag and winning the day. Team SPH came in 2nd and Road Runner racing 3rd. But the highlight of the day which made us all chuckle was watching the experienced team of Heaton Racing running out of fuel….. yip, someone is going to be deported.


The rest of the day went fairly smooth, except for 4 Teams that snapped there rear axle right off. Now a word of advice, your axle runs through 3 carriers, the middle carrier should be a floating carrier, so those 3 bolts in that carrier should be loose or out, reason for that is it stiffens the axle more, so when you hit a curb it does not have that much flex….WOW can you believe I know that!!!!


I would like to introduce the new teams that started with us this year.


  • Kart 64 – Dudes and Boobs ( uuuummm 3 guys and a chick with aaahh boobs !! ),
  • the 2 new Nissan GTR teams ( with guest drive Clair Vale .. South Africa’s fastest lady uuuuummmm in a car ),
  • Team Intergral ( a team that understands fun, oh and with a very loud and enthusiastic following ),
  • Team Blitz ( a team that had many kart issues during the day, but never gave up, and found that a hammer is the best tool )
  • the A Team  ( wow who saw them coming, out of nowhere and finished 9th on their first race, watch out for these guys )
  • Gas Monkeys ( also WOW new team, and finished 11th on the day )
  • teams BB1 and BB2 ( coming from another series and showing their skills )


So the next race is going to be BIG, 13th March at Zwartkops, and is the first of 3 races that will be a combined race with the Sprint Series, so tighten those bolts, check them again and get ready for an awesome race day. Till then remember …ALWAYS BE YOUR SELF…UNLESS YOU CAN BE BATMAN…THEN ALWAYS BE BATMAN!!!!!


Rob Fouche

Prokart SSS Clerk of the Course (COC)

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