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2016 Prokart SSS Endurance season begins

2016 Prokart SSS Endurance season begins

The new season of endurance racing is upon us….

The 2016 Prokart SSS endurance kicks off at Vereeniging Kart Circuit on 21 February 2016. By now your kart should be prepped and ready to rock and roll.  So who is going to challenge for the championship this year? Get your team to the track and find out.


There is a lot of admin to do before the race so we suggest you get started with it immediately if you haven’t done so already. This is what you have to do.


  1. Complete and submit the TEAM REGISTRATION AND CODE OF CONDUCT, then pay the team registration fee.
  2.  ALL team members MUST join Vkart Club, so complete the VKART CLUB MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and submit payment.
  3. Complete and submit your RACE  ENTRY, together with payment before 18 February. A late entry penalty will be applied if entries and documentation is not received before this date.
  5. Read the 2016 RULES AND REGULATIONS, so there are no grey areas when you arrive.
  6. Make sure your kart is prepped and ready BEFORE you get to the track. You have had three months to do this.



All documentation is available for download by clicking on the highlighted text above which will take you to the relevant page.


See you at the races.

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