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It’s raining, it’s pouring. old man is snoring…….

It’s raining, it’s pouring. old man is snoring…….

This is the popular refrain from a children’s nursery rhyme. But its is reality faced every year when the Wide Horizon Hospice 12 Hour Charity Kart race comes to town. Despite every weather forecasting station in the world predicting no rain for Saturday night in Vereeniging, the Gods did not play ball.



So if you need a drought broken, just organise a 12 hour Charity karting race. The rain came down in the late afternoon and did not stop until about half an hour from the end. Racing on slicks meant very many hairy moments for all.  To everyone’s credit, there were no major accidents. A hallmark was the patience and restraint everyone showed when making passing manoeuvres in the tricky (understatement) conditions. Well done.


Congratulations to Wesley Orr Racing #49.

Winning this event at the first attempt is a great achievement. I am sure many times 2 stroke champion karter Wesley Orr would agree this victory ranks high up on his list of memorable occasions. Well done.



Well done to everyone who participated in this race. I am sure you finished the race with a great sense of achievement wherever you might have finished. to finish is an achievement in itself.


For full set of results and updated championship standings follow this link to RESULTS 12 HOUR RACE


Without these people we don’t race.

The race could not have happened without the diligence of the marshals, who had to brave the lousy weather, to keep us safe and pointing in the right direction. Big thanks to the marshals. Then behind the scenes keeping us fed and watered were the kitchen staff, who were there throughout the night tending to our culinary needs. Of course without the time keeper we would never be able to produce a set of results within minutes of the finish. To St Johns Ambulance, who are always there to the bitter end, whether they have to tend to injuries or not.Thankfully no major injuroes were incurred despite a marshal having a close encounter with a moving kart while helping a stranded kart back onto the circuit.

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