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Two out of two for #64 – 2P racing.

Two out of two for #64 – 2P racing.

Apology: The original headline of this post was found to be disrespectful and offensive to the members of 2P Racing, given the motivation for naming their  team 2P Racing. There was no malicious intent behind the headline and I apologise unreservedly for any offense that may have been caused to the team members, family and friends.


Round 2 of the Prokart Super Single Endurance series dished up some very close and exciting racing with the outcome far from a foregone conclusion with half an hour to go. Ultimately, #64 2P racing ran out winners followed by, last year’s champions, #1 Kart Shoppe, #14 Team Dask, #13 Containerforce and #11 Team GTR.


Once again qualifying was a close affair with the top 12 teams covered by 0,8 secs. So the scene was set for very close racing.


From the off #1 Kart Shoppe jumped ahead of polesitter #5 Team RKT followed by #14 Team Dask, #64 2P Racing, #101 Karting 101, #11 Team GTR, #35 Team Logan and #212 hooligans. This lasted for all of one lap when exiting the right hander onto the pit straight all hell broke loose and #11 Team GTR emerged with some damage requiring a three lap pit stop , dropping them to the back of the field. Their climb from last to 5th must surely be the drive of the day. Lesson learned #1: never give up in endurance racing even if the odds seem stacked against you.


Karting 101 were having their best race in a long time and were running strongly in the  top 6 with their defector driver Jarryd Wray keeping them in contention. Further back #94 Furmanite were also having a better run than they are used to. #43 Splashed Ink aka Southbank were in the mix and a bunch of newcomers #31 BB Rebels,  #20 Kartinator Rosso, #77 Heaton racing all giving a good account of themselves, keeping #13 Containerforce honest.


Losing touch with the group you were racing with was a death knell as the lap times were so close within the top 15 teams that moving up the ranks was a very slow process. Lesson learned #2: a six hour race is not won in the first hour.


Pitstops started happening after the first 45 minutes or so, which shook up the order a little, with #13 Containerforce benefitting from their strategy to move up to 8th place. Meanwhile later in the race #5 RKT suffered terminal damage to their kart when getting airborne and nose diving into the ground, bending the chassis, stub axles and whole lot of other things. Marc Vere was not a happy chappy, as they had to pack up and go home. Lesson learned #3: Karts don’t fly that well. #35 Team Logan also ran into mechanical issues along with both #19  and #20 Kartinator Red and Rosso teams. After running strongly in the opening stages #94 Furmanite also encountered mechanical issues.


In the closing stages of the race the leading contenders all had their share of problems. With #64 2P Racing having an accelerator sticking open. #13 Containerforce had moved up to 2nd place at one stage, which considering they had lost a seat bolt as early as the first hour was not a bad showing. However, they ended 4th behind the hard charging #1 Kart Shoppe and #14 Team Dask.


There are still a number of teams pushing their luck with using fuel as weight ballast with four teams being penalised for being underweight. The penalty is severe so don’t mess with using fuel as ballast. One team lost 35 laps in order for the three place penalty to be effected. Kart preparation is key in endurance racing. The successful teams are the ones that don’t breakdown and avoid clashes with other karts.


Nevertheless a great day was had by all. A full set of results is available by following the link ROUND 2 RESULTS

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